2021 - 2022 Chapter Officers


Dr. Irby Hunter, Jr.

1st Vice Polemarch

Eddie Winkley

2nd Vice Polemarch

Keith Sykes

Keeper of Records

Scott Brown

Assistant Keeper of Records

Shawn Holtzclaw

Keeper of Exchequer

Robert McMillan

Assistant Keeper of Exchequer

John Benefield


Robert. E. Butler, Jr.

Lieutenant Strategus

Cleaveland Smith

David Maxsam

Kurtillius Holmes

2021 - 2022 Chapter Committee Chairman

Membership Committee Chair
Marcus Jackson

Service Committee Chair
Joseph Hunter

Kappa League Chair
Keith Sykes

MTA Chair
Isaiah Harvin / Keith Sykes
Undergrad Advisor
Eddie Winkley
St. Jude / Sleep Safe
Henry R. Felix, Esq.
Senior Kappa Welfare Committee
Nathaniel Knox

Board Member #1
Andrew Hayes

Board Member #2
Andra Cain

Board Member #3

Glen Griffin

Past Polemarchs

W. Henry Green, M.D. 
Laurel Wreath Recipient; Elder Watson Diggs Awardee; Established the Life Membership Program and recognized as the First Life Member; Past 15th Grand Polemarch (1953-54)

Rufus F. Clanzy
22nd Eastern Province Polemarch
Henry R. Felix, Esq.
Wendell "Dell" Foster
James A. Morrow, Jr.
Jeremy S. Alexander
Charles W. Barnum, Jr.
Herman Bell
Elijah Biggs #28
Past Polemarch #28; Brother of the Year
Gorham L. Black, III
Robert J. Booth
Thomas H. Briscoe
James M. Clark
Stephen L. Cook
Mawuli Dzirasa
Lamont B. English
Samuel Fontaine
Henry D. Gill
James W. Hawkins, Jr. (affectionately known as "#43")
Wayne P. Henry
Donal D. Hogan
Lucius A. Jackson
Louis W. Jones
Alan J. Kennedy
Claude M. Ligon
Johnny Mathews
William N. Parham, Jr.
William A. Ross
Otis A. Thomas